An Overview Of The Real Estate Dunbar Vancouver BC Has To Offer

If you are looking to buy a home in a community that offers a small town feel in the middle of Vancouver, then you should seriously think about checking out the real estate Dunbar, Vancouver, BC has to offer. This quaint gem of a neighborhood harkens back to a simpler time, one when people sat out on their porches and socialized in the evenings, and spent their weekends mowing the yard or tending their garden.

Geographically, the Dunbar neighborhood extends along Dunbar street and is bounded by 16th Avenue and Southwest Marine Drive. It is one of Vancouver’s most beautiful and exclusive neighborhoods, and the homes located here are all fine examples of design and architecture.

Dunbar is known for the lovely, mature, arching trees that line its streets and the beautiful gardens that grace, not only the yards in private homes in this beautiful neighborhood, but also the 8 public parks that exist within its boundaries. The blooming of the hundreds of cherry blossom trees in the early spring, in fact, is quite something to see – and something that Dunbar is famous for!

When it comes to the range of real estate Dunbar, Vancouver, BC has to offer, you can find everything from humble horsefarms to elegant mansions. In fact, Dunbar is popular precisely because of what those two types of properties have in common – land. It is rare to find the type of acreage that a multi-million dollar mansion (or a working farm or ranch) would demand within the bounds of the city limits, but this is precisely the kind of rare and unique real estate Dunbar Vancouver BC offers to buyers.

These properties require a knowledgeable, skilled real estate agent. Paul Toffoli grew up on the west side of Vancouver and was just voted the “Best Realtor in Vancouver” by readers of the Straight newspaper –for the 4th year in a row! Paul has over 20 years of real estate and Dunbar experience.

Of course, this amount of land in the middle of a city center is not available for a low price. It is rare to find a home or estate in Dunbar for less than a million dollars, and there are several examples of multi-million dollar homes to be had at any given time.

If one is fortunate enough to be able to secure a piece of Dunbar real estate and become part of the community, there is a wealth of amenities to be enjoyed within the bounds of the neighborhood. In fact, Dunbar Life Magazine is produced five times per year by the Dunbar Village Business association in order to keep residents of the neighborhood up-to-date and excited by all of the happenings concerning local eateries, shops, and other businesses.

As far as community services, Dunbar is home to its own dedicated community center, eight public parks, three excellent schools, and an annual month-long public environmental festival known as Salmonberry Days, meant to raise awareness about the natural environs in Dunbar.

Dunbar is widely agreed to be one of the best and most desirable neighborhoods in Vancouver. If you visit it, you will find out what only people who have spent time there know – it is also one of the friendliest and most pleasant places to live in all of Canada!